Roman Nights: Close to the Pantheon

When in Rome, I walked around the area close to the Pantheon and found some beautiful opportunities to take a few night captures. There was a palace-like building and nearby a fountain which… Continue reading

Exploring Florence/ Italy: Night Views

Florence had some amazing views close to the Dome. At the Place of the Architects I found a try night time oasis, since there were hardly any people around and I could use… Continue reading

Schwetzingen Schlossplatz at Night: Taking Advantage of Dawn

Heidelberger Nights

Spending some time during blue hour in the old part of Heidelberg brought out these lovelies. Heidelberg is considered one of the oldest cities in Germany and is home to the oldest university… Continue reading

Seattle Nights: View from Kerry Park

Kerry Park offers some great panoramic views when it comes to the Seattle skyline. I was happy I had brought my zoom lens, otherwise the trees would have obstructed the view onto the… Continue reading