Seattle Nights: View from Kerry Park

Kerry Park offers some great panoramic views when it comes to the Seattle skyline. I was happy I had brought my zoom lens, otherwise the trees would have obstructed the view onto the… Continue reading

Seattle Nights: Pier 55 and Downtown

Seattle features some great views at its legendary Pier 55. The Ferris Wheel is one of the most pronounced tourist attractions at this site. I tried to focus on other architecture in addition.… Continue reading

San Francisco Nights: Bay Bridge and Downtown

On my third night, I checked out the area around Bay Bridge. This bridge is perhaps less common than the Golden Gate Bridge. I found it easier to find some great angles and… Continue reading

San Francisco Nights: Close to the Golden Gate Bridge

In September of 2014 I had the chance to spend three full nights and days in San Francisco. Other than roaming the streets and checking out lovely little Chinatown, I had a blast… Continue reading

New York Persian Ensemble Performs at Lincoln Center (Concert)

The New York Persian Ensemble performed at Bruno Walter Auditorium in the Lincoln Center in October. I was able to capture shots of both the rehearsal and show of the group. They prepared… Continue reading